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Entry Alarms and Alerts are a great security choice for detecting visitors, couriers, customers, or even intruders. There are the three main types of detectors (Rubber Hose, Infrared, and Magnetic) which can detect various things depending on the sensor chosen at the time of purchase. Wired or Wireless driveway alarms are also a choice depending on the situation. Rubber hose is mainly for vehicles and other large objects that need to be tracked when coming to the premise. ATV’s, Cars, Trucks are just some of the vehicles that are sensed by going over the rubber hose. Infrared sensors detect warm temperature passing through the sensor beam that it radiates from the receiver to the transmitter. Magnetic probe sensors are for metallic objects that need to be tracked, and animals, birds, etc are not needed to be tracked. False alarms are minimal except when lightning storms are occurring, because it will trigger a false alarm.
Entry Alarm Systems with Chime
Entry Alarms and Alerts for your home or business!
600’ Range Weather Proof Detect People, Vehicles The Dakota Alert 3000 entry alarm system is a great device to use for store fronts, front gate, or loading bay. Never miss a delivery again. 2000’ Range Pleasant Chime Weatherproof Infrared are idea for walkways, driveways, business entries, pools, yards, boats and many more. Place the receiver in a good location to alert you with a pleasant chime, and you can be notified when there are visitors. 2500’ Range Programmable for 1,10,60 Seconds or 10 Minutes Extra beep every 15 minutes in case of missed alert With wireless range of 2500 feet, the possibilities are endless with detection from a distance. It is perfect for large warehouses or properties. Longest Range Entry Alarm and Two Way Radio Monitor Acreage or Ranch Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Approved Currently the MURS entry alert system is the longest range Entry Alarm available. It is great for long driveways, large yards, and also remote locations. Wireless Infrared and Metal sensing vehicle detection models are available.
Dakota Entry Alert System
Optex Wireless Infrared Entry System
Dakota Alert 2500 Wireless Entry Alarm System
Murs Entry Alert System